The Gulf of Mexico oil spill incident (2010) and the preceding Montara incident in Australia (2009) have had far-reaching consequences in prompting industry to re-examine offshore operations, as well as an operator’s ability to respond in the event of an oil spill incident or well blowout.

In response to the foregoing incidents, the International Association of Oil and Gas Producers (IOGP) formed the Global Industry Response Group (GIRG), tasked with identifying learning opportunities related to both incident causation and response.

The GIRG identified nineteen recommendations, which were addressed via a three-year Joint Industry Project (JIP) funded by nineteen oil industry members. The Oil Spill Response JIP (OSR-JIP) initiated discrete projects or provided support to projects initiated by other trade associations in each of the identified areas.

The OSR-JIP is managed by IPIECA on behalf of IOGP in recognition of its long-standing experience with oil spill response matters.